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Two Doggie Lovers. One Doggie Vision.

When we grew up, our parents told us to ‘Get Outside and Have Fun!’ So we did. As a result, we believe the key to a happy & healthy lifestyle is all about getting outside and having fun! As often as possible! As dog parents, we believe this goes for our doggies too!

Sure our dogs depend on us for the basics; food, water, shelter, protection and of course love! But they also depend on us to provide them with an ENRICHED AND BALANCED LIFE, including regular exercise for their bodies, mental stimulation for their minds and companionship for their gigantic doggie hearts!

Coming from the corporate world, we know all too well how challenging it is to make every day a fabulous day for our doggies. It’s rough (note we did not say ‘ruff’!). Leaving your doggie home all day, fills you with guilt. Being greeted by a high energy dog at the end of a long day, fills you with exhaustion!

That’s why we created Hike Doggie.

Our Team

A team of dedicated professionals, brought together by a love for animals, and empowered to do good for the community.

Olivia Hall

Kath Allen

Steve Hamilton

Abbey Lee


“The hikers are AMAZING, they are all so kind and you can tell how much they love dogs! Kath does a stellar job building a top notch team, they are people you can trust I’ve even used a few of them for dog sitters! They take the dogs on new hikes each time and then you get an awesome text about the hike, and photos as well!” – Lindsay

Bonded, Insured & Certified

The safety of your doggie is of the utmost importance. We are certified dog walkers with extensive training in dog related first aid. We also know a thing or two about how your pup thinks and behaves.


dog*tec Dog Walker

As Certified Dog Walkers, our Co-Founders/Pro Dog Hikers:

Pass a hands-on practical exam, including walking multiple dogs on and off leash in challenging situations while demonstrating the ability to maintain voice and leash control, keep the dogs safe, and ensure every dog in their care is having a great time.

Pass a comprehensive written exam, demonstrating a high level of understanding in several areas of dog behavior, including learning theory, pack management, building a strong recall, reading dog body language, recognizing early warning signs of discomfort, fear, and aggression, and positively managing inappropriate dog play and leash manners.

Pledge to use only humane training approaches, demonstrating our commitment to use only scientifically sound, positive training methods with all dogs in their care.

Pledge to adhere to ethical business practices, always with the client in mind. Focusing on the needs of both our dog parents and their doggies.

All Hike Doggie hikers complete a canine first aid training program with a focus on the principles taught in the Colorado University School of Medicine’s Wilderness Emergency Canine Care course.


Wilderness Emergency Canine Care