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Click here and provide us with just a few of your doggie’s hiking preferences and we’ll get in touch with you faster than your dog can say, “Whoop Whoop! I’m a Hike Doggie!” We’ll answer any questions you may have and schedule a ‘Get to Know’ meeting. Or feel free to call us at 720.524.7858.
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We’re all about convenience. We’ll meet you and your dog at your home at a convenient time so we can get some doggie details & set your dog up on a weekly hiking schedule. WARNING: Be prepared for serious wags & kisses…dogs intuit when life is about to become fabulous!

Hop On The Bus

We Pick Them Up

Your dog’s awesome day begins when our Pro Dog Hikers pick them up from your home in our Hike Bus, designed by dog lovers with the comfort & safety of your doggie in mind…and its super cool!

This Is Why We Do It

We Take Them Out

Their paws hit the trail. They play. They sniff. They explore. They are beautiful creatures in their element. They are fully in the moment. They soak in the sun, the wild scents, the fun. It’s their day. It’s all about them…only them.

Time for a nap

We Bring Them Home

Once your doggie is dog tired, we rub them down and spruce them up before boarding the Hike Bus for home. Secure in their own quiet space, they will enjoy a relaxing ride in their own private Zen Den. When you arrive home there’s a good chance you’ll find your dog curled up dreaming about their perfect Hike Doggie day.

Best Friends Forever

Trust Is Important

Your doggie will dig us…and here’s why.

The relationship between your dog and their Pro Dog Hiker is extremely important! Each Pro Dog Hiker is hand selected based on key personal traits that adhere to our Hike Doggie culture. Our Pro Dog Hikers overflow with dog affection & connection. They utilize positive training methods with all dogs in their care. The bond they build with your dog on each and every hike is reflected by the non stop tail wagging as the Hike Bus rolls up in front of your home.



We make it simple. One doggie or multiple doggies, once a week or more.



One Dog
Once A Week

Perfect for the smaller family that is looking to hit the trail!


For EachAdditional Dog
– OR –

For EachAdditional Hike
– OR –

Within Same Week



“Love your dog? Have a busy day job? Hike Doggie is here for you! I started using Hike Doggie a few years ago and I’m not sure what I ever did without them! I love my dog more than anything and sometimes I don’t have the luxury of tiring him out with walks and hikes as much as I would like but with Hike Doggie’s help he’s a well-rounded pup!” – Rach