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Own a Hike Doggie franchise.

The Pet Industry

The pet industry has seen an explosive 12% annual growth since 2017, with a potential client base of 65.1M households owning a dog. Explore this market where 97% of pet parents consider their beloved companions as family and crave premium services for them.

$144 Billion Pet Industry

In the past 6 years (2017-2023) the recession proof pet industry has more than doubled in size ($69.5 billion to $144 billion) with no sign of stopping.


Annual industry growth since 2017


Potential clients (households with a dog)

American Pet Products Association

Pet Parents want premium Services

Huge Demand for Dog Activities

There is a significant shortage of services that provide enriching outdoor activities for dogs offered in the industry. There are daycares and neighborhood walking services, however they typically do not result in a well-rounded experience. The options are extremely limited in terms of services like Hike Doggie that give dogs the opportunity to hike and socialize safely with other dogs in nature.


Of pet parents consider their pets as part of the family, meaning they are more willing to spend on premium services for their pets.

Living our Best Life!”

About Us

Our Purpose

Hike Doggie exists to make dogs as happy as they make us.

Our Unique Business Model

Client Flexibility = Successful Model

Recurring Weekly Revenue

Clients love our regularly scheduled service that also caters to real world stuff like client vacations. This model builds quick conversion, strong retention rates and happy clients!


of Hike Doggie’s corporate revenue was recurring in 2022

Can You Hike Dogs Anywhere in the US?

Anywhere? Yes, Anywhere!

Dog Hiking is a boundless adventure, unfolding on every path and trail imaginable: from serene parks and rolling hills to sun-kissed beaches, majestic mountains, vast deserts, and open plains.

Every natural setting is a playground for our canine companions to explore!

Our Brand

Core Values & Beliefs
  1. Be Dog
  2. Surpass Client Expectations
  3. Our Team is
    our #1 Asset
  4. Safety is Non
  5. Do the
    Right Thing
  6. Act Like an Owner
  7. Work & Life Balance

Our Story

The Client Experience

Dog Parents’ Desires

Many dog parents want their puppers to enjoy unique life enriching outdoor experiences, meet and play with other dogs, and overall​ live a healthy lifestyle – exercise & eat well.

Pet humanization is becoming a common phrase within the pet industry because more and more pet owners want to provide their pets with human-like products or experiences.

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Not Enough Time

In our fast-paced world, many dog parents, despite their best intentions, find themselves strapped for time, unable to consistently provide their dog soulmates with the enriching outdoor experiences they crave.

Life responsibilities often prevent dog parents from grabbing their Best Boop AND their Booper Buddies and heading to a spectacular natural setting for some serious hiking, splashing, squirrel stalking and peeing on everything!

Dog Parents Feel Guilty

As a result, many dogs miss out on the extensive physical and mental benefits of a stimulating hike, settling instead for brief neighborhood strolls that barely scratch the surface of their adventurous spirit.

Leaving their parents feeling guilty and wishing they could provide more despite their busy schedule.

Hike Doggie

A regular hiking program that keeps your doggie happy, healthy and living their best life!

Value Propositions

Door-To-Door Convenience

We pick up and drop off our doggies at thier doorstep, making the experience hassle-free for our clients.

Varied Trails for Fresh Adventures

We rotate trails to offer a unique and refreshing hiking experience on each adventure.

One Sweet Ride

Our Hike Doggie buses are equipped with heating, A/C, a shower system and individual Zen Dens, ensuring a cozy and safe ride for every pup.

Expert Hikers with a Focus on Safety

Our trained professionals blend the thrill of adventure with utmost safety, guaranteeing a delightful experience for our clients dogs.

Treats Galore

Post-hike, we pamper our client dogs with treats like KONG-filled goodies, warm soup in winter and cool Apple Freezies in summer.

Captivating Photo Updates

Parents receive a curated photo album and a vibrant note, giving them a heartwarming window into their dog's adventurous day.

Client Centric

We listen and act on our client special requests, we know our Hike Doggies as if they were our own, we go above & beyond to create special, unique, and memorable experiences for our parents & our dogs.

Stellar Reviews


Jen Ryan

You always assume that anyone who structures a business around dogs are wonderful people, but the Hike Doggies crew is extra special! They clearly love our pups and it shows in how excited my fuzzy guy is to go out every Wednesday morning and the joy in the report and pics we receive post-hike. I could not be happier and feel more at ease with the experience that is provided to my Oliver. Also the system - from notifications to billing to communication - is flawless. They’ve got this down from an administrative perspective so the focus is on what it should be - love and care of our doggies! So grateful for Hike Doggie.”

Our Franchisee Opportunity

Hike Doggie is the only dog hiking franchise in the marketplace today!

Our Franchise Mission

To create an opportunity for dog & nature loving entrepreneurs, allowing them to fulfill their dream of enhancing dogs’ lives, enjoy a happy life and be financially independent.

The Perfect Franchisee

You’re someone who deeply values relationships, both with your fur babies and the people around you.

Here's a bit more about you:

  • DOG OBSESSED, treat your dog like a family member.
  • Willing to do anything for your dog.
  • Enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Hiking with dogs is your happy place.
  • Possess a magnetic personality.
  • Fun to be around.
  • Empathetic and trustworthy.
  • Excel in client-facing roles.
  • Build relationships quickly, both on the phone and in person.
  • Resilient problem solver.
  • Remain calm under pressure.
  • A natural leader with the ability to build and mentor a team.

Full time owner / operator model

Franchisee Model

  • Full Time
  • Home Based
  • Owner Operator
  • Must be an established, successful Hike Doggie franchise owner prior to becoming a Semi-Absentee (Part Time) Owner

Franchisee Role

  • Client acquisition
  • Hike dogs to learn business
  • Manage day-to-day operations
  • Get the right people on the bus, train & inspire them
  • Create an awesome culture
  • Delight dog parents
  • Make dogs happy!

Trail Essentials

Affordable investment with strong potential returns.

Average Single Territory Investment

$138,831 - $251,744

Financial Requirements

Net Worth $250k

Liquid assets $100k

Why Hike Doggie?

We're here to SERVE our Franchisees
  • Outstanding Training Program. Buckle Up for knowledge!
  • Top-Notch Guidance. We're in this together!
  • We have a team of Go-Givers!
We do ONE thing: We Hike Dogs
  • No prior dog hiking experience required, just an abundance of puppy love!
  • Low cost mobile opportunity.
  • Proven business model with strong potential returns.