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Liz Roode Hike Doggie

Liz Roode


Liz moved to Colorado from South Africa where she grew up, and could not be happier with her choice of places to live. And her furry children – Chrissie and Biscuit – agree, despite other dogs making fun of their accent. Together they love traveling and exploring Colorado and beyond at every opportunity!

As an IT consultant Liz has a great deal of experience designing and implementing systems and processes for large corporates, experience that transfers wonderfully to a venture like Hike Doggie. Being able to combine her business acumen and passion for process and efficiency in the service of dogs and their busy owners is truly satisfying and a great deal of fun!

Liz is passionate about animals of all kinds and improving their quality of life is of great importance to her. Bringing the Hike Doggie experience to as many dogs as possible is a great way to contribute to their wellbeing. While they might not be able to tell it to us in so many words, Liz has no doubt that dogs love being out in nature as much as she does.

Aside from lavishing attention on her own and other dogs, Liz loves reading non-fiction, listening to music and attending concerts, and spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes or coming up with creative ways to not waste food. And that does not mean feeding it to the dogs, much as they would love it!