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Stephen Hillen

Stephen Hillen


Stephen grew up and spent most of his life in Pennsylvania. He explored and hiked all over the state throughout his childhood and his teens which is when he fell in love with the great outdoors. In his early twenties, Stephen spent two months in Utah on an Outward Bound trip that opened his eyes to a whole new life. He knew he would one day head west. When the opportunity came to be a part of Hike Doggie in Golden, Colorado, Stephen’s decision was a no brainer.

Stephen’s love for dogs and the mountains made his transition extremely easy. When living in Pennsylvania, Stephen knew way too many dogs who suffered from lack of exercise and attention due to their parent’s work schedules and social lives. If they did get out, they usually made the same lame walk around the block. He knew that nature had so much more for dogs to experience, and he wished every dog could hike and explore new things everyday. Hike Doggie is making Stephen’s dream come true.

Stephen’s love for dogs and their well being is immense, and he has continued to educate himself over the years. He is a certified dog walker, as well as pet CPR and pet first aid certified. A dog’s well being is a top priority for Stephen, and a regularly exercised dog is a happy and healthy dog.

When he is not hiking, Stephen loves fishing, working out, and snowboarding. Stephen is loving his new home in Colorado with his wife, Cindy. He feels like any day in Colorado is a good day, and it is even better in the company of a few dogs.