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Open land. Beautiful scenery. Happy Companions.

Your Doggie Deserves to be as healthy as you are

We live in Colorado for a reason. We’re outdoor people! We ski, we cycle, we run. We shop at Whole Foods. We avoid ingredients we can’t pronounce. And boy do we love our doggies!

Hike Doggie was created to help people keep their dogs healthy, when they can’t.

HIke Doggie

Tired Never Wired

You arrive home after a long stressful day at work followed by some awesome I70/I25 traffic. You walk up to your door and your dog is going nuts after being home all day alone. Your dog envisions some quality time with you, perhaps a 2-hour walk along the river followed by some ball playing. You envision your feet up with something cold and refreshing in your hand.

The Solution: Hike Doggie…hike by day, tired doggie by dinner.


This isn't your average walk

‘shinrin-yoku’ is a Japanese term that means ‘forest bathing’. When one hikes through nature, breathing in the scents of wild flowers & trees, engaging all 5 senses, one experiences a sense of peace, calm & restoration.

Hike Doggies practice shinrin-yoku.



Your dog’s awesome day begins when our Pro Dog Hikers pick them up from your home in our Hike Bus! To and from the trail they’ll stay relaxed in their own safe & comfy ‘Zen Den’. Post hike and dog-tired, we’ll give them a wash-off & towel dry to ensure they’re nice and clean before boarding the Hike Bus for home.

Our Doggie Press


An outdoor experience

Your dog deserves some fresh air

Did you know that your dog sees the world through scent?

Your dog’s nose is tens of thousands of times as sensitive to smell as yours. Imagine the frenzied joy they experience sniffing the forest floor! Pine needles, mossy rocks & fresh air…Pretty Sniffty!


A trail for every size, shape, & personality

Dogs are very unique! They vary in shape, size, age, breed & character. Due to these differences, we offer a variety of hikes to ensure your dog is appropriately exercised. Not sure which hike is best? Contact us and we will answer any questions you may have and help you select the most enjoyable hike for your doggie.



Perhaps your dog is a little older or simply just enjoys a slower pace? In either case, our STROLL-N-SNIFF hike would be a perfect choice.



When you get home from work, does your doggie greet you with “Wanna take me out? Wanna play? Where should we go?” If so, your dog would enjoy our CAREFREE JAUNT hike.



Does your doggie bounce off the walls? Then our LEG IT OUT! hike would be the best choice.


  • Sally

    “A tired dog is a good dog or so the adage goes. Our Welsh Corgi pup is always a good dog when he comes home from his Hike Doggie trips. We appreciate the good care and concern that is showered on him while he is in their care. Thank you for taking such great care!”

    See You Soon!


    When and where will we be next?

    Hike Doggie

    A happy & active life for your dog

    Any idea how long a workday is in dog minutes? A LOT!

    Bored doggies can become barky, destructive doggies. Dogs need exercise & fresh air and nothing beats a romp on a Colorado trail! Ever seen an excited dog arrive at a trailhead? Nose sniffing. Happy-dog whine building. Tail a wagging blur! Your Hike Doggie will thank you for letting them scamper in the woods while you’re at work, by curling up happily on their bed at the end of the day.


    Do you love the outdoors and enjoy making dogs happy? Join our award winning team today!

    Now Hiring Full & Part-Time